Live Playback On Your Website In Real Time

Capture all mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and form fills.

Recording: :

Step 1 : Mouse Movement

Move your cursor around. Gurulytics is recording all your mouse movements. See what visitors are (and aren't) paying attention to on your site.

Step 2 : Clicks

Click your cursor on the buttons and link below. Also, try clicking elsewhere (somewhere random) on the page. Gurulytics tracks your clicks, too.


Moving Box

Step 3 : Scrolls

Scroll up and down on the page. Gurulytics is recording all your scroll behavior. See what parts of your page(s) visitors pay attention to.

Step 4 : Form Fills & Keystrokes

Fill out the form below. Gurulytics is recording your keystrokes (except password fields) and actions on other form elements.

Text Box Testing

Textarea Testing

Radio Button Test

CheckBox Test

Dropdown Test

Are You done?